• The gear fluid temperature detected is very high

Possible Symptoms:

  • Engine Misfire

  • Rough or erratic idle speed

  • The transmission may show signs of overheating and harsh shifting

Possible Causes:

  • A leak from any part of the transmission system such as the transmission pan, transmission cooler lines, transmission cooler, or the radiator

  • Internal damage to the transmission causing excess friction between internal moving transmission parts

  • A faulty transmission temperature sensor

  • A faulty powertrain control module

  • It is even possible that the engine being overheated could cause the transmission to overheat as well.

Related Parts:

  • Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor: Gear fluid line delivers gear fluid/oil between the various gear parts that need lubrication. The Gear fluid temperature sensor monitors the fluid temperature in the line. Problems lead to difficulty in shifting gears

Possible Solutions:

  • Check for dirty or carbon filled Throttle Body

  • Check for poor connection or chafed wiring

  • Performs a fuel pressure test