• Incorrect amount of ethanol present in the gasoline detected

Possible Symptoms:

  • Engine stall

Possible Causes:

  • Flexible Fuel (FF) sensor to Vehicle Power (VPWR) circuit harness open or shorted

  • FF to VPWR Vehicle Power Supply Voltage) circuit poor electrical connection

  • Open in FF sensor signal circuit

  • Short to ground in FF sensor signal circuit

  • Fuel contamination

Related Parts:

  • Fuel Composition Sensor: Fuel composition sensor monitors the composition of the fuel (ethanol%, methanol% etc) that is being used for combustion. Problem leads to poor fuel economy

Possible Solutions:

  • Do a visual check of all the wiring and connections to the sensor, checking for breaks in the wiring or loose connections

  • Disconnect the connection to the sensor and checks to see if the sensor is testing within specifications

  • Take a fuel sample to compare the actual temperature of fuel to the sensor input

  • Test the diesel fuel heater for proper operation to make sure it is working to heat the fuel, without overheating the fuel